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    Georgia SHRM State Council
    Sarah H. Lamar – Legislative Co-Director


    Georgia SHRM State Council
    Edward Enoch – Legislative Co-Director

    This page will be your resource for information relating to:

    • Developments in federal law affecting human resources
    • Developments in Georgia and local laws affecting human resources
    • Ways for Georgia SHRM members to help shape new legislation at the federal, state and local levels
    • Opportunities for Georgia SHRM members to make their voices heard to their locally elected representatives

    We welcome your requests for information or suggestions about improving the Georgia State Council’s ability to influence legislation at the federal, state and local levels. Please contact both Sarah Lamar and Edward Enoch

    Creating a Dynamic Statewide Organization to Shape HR-Related Legislation

    The Georgia State Council is a powerful force in shaping legislation. As Legislative Co-Directors, we will provide Chapter Presidents and each Chapter’s Governmental Affairs Chair (“GAC”) throughout Georgia frequent opportunities to enlist their Chapter members’ assistance in shaping legislation at the federal, Georgia and local levels. For legislative issues of extreme importance, we will utilize SHRM National’s “blast” e-mail capacity and send out requests to all members statewide. Elected representatives listen to their constituents’ opinions. We strongly encourage you to make your voice heard when you receive requests to contact your elected representatives.
    We will also support the GACs in establishing relationships with the federal and state elected officials from their geographic areas. These relationships will be the foundation upon which the local Chapters will provide their state representatives information and opinions about Georgia legislation to be addressed in the Legislative Session. Similarly, the local Chapters’ relationships with their elected federal representatives will improve the Chapters’ ability to influence federal legislation.

    Updating Members On Important HR-Related Developments In The Law

    This Legislative Web Page contains summaries of important HR-related developments in the law. In addition, this web page makes available to SHRM members in Georgia frequent, free e-mail updates about developments in federal, Georgia and local laws in the field of human resources (including developments in immigration law). To register for such updates, please send an e-mail to Sarah Lamar and Edward Enoch at the email addresses above.

    The Georgia State Council will also offer Georgia SHRM members statewide timely programs on employment-related subjects, through webinars. Members will be able to participate in these webinars from the location of their choice.

    Cultivating Relationships With Local Chambers of Commerce and Other Business Organizations

    To elevate the profile of SHRM and each SHRM Chapter, the Georgia State Council will offer programs on topics of interest to the employer community, “live and in person,” around the State. These programs will raise the business community’s awareness of SHRM as a professional human resources organization and as a proactive partner in employment-related matters.